Classes and Offerings

Gaia Activations
An interactive group intention using the Rays of Light, Portal Activation’s, Grid work, and the Crystal Consciousness – A heart centered guided teaching and dismantling of timelines with an intention to support Gaia in her awakening and to send healing waves of light to Humanity on a Global and Galactic level.  We will discuss practical ways to reconnect with Gaia, the crystals that hold the strongest vibration to the Elemental and Fairy Realms that are working in concert with Gaia’s healing, and I will create a crystal grid to amplify the work we do.

The Spirit of Gaia is the sacred angelic consciousness of the planet, also referred to in some indigenous cultures as Mother Earth.  We have lost our connection to this beautiful spirit and over thousands of years have put sacrificial blood into her soil, rocks and streams.  We have used the oceans as a waste receptacle, and with every new housing development the destruction of precious  and spectacular Guardians of Gaia and Humanity, our Tree’s.
Gaia and Humanity are in an interconnected partnership. As humanity shifts to a higher vibration and evolves, so does our planet.  As there are physical and spiritual changes within each of us, there are also shifts within Gaia to align her energy to anchor in and support this higher frequency and vibration.
Join me to learn sacred ways of honoring and connecting with her loving supportive energy.
Love offering.
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