June 2014 162

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Crystals increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings. Their ability to transmute and transform electromagnetic energy within and around the human subtle energetic system is profound, gentle, and lovely.

Here are just a few of the healings that have been created for myself, clients, pets, and family members.  These can be done in person or via distance healing.  Distance healings are done through intention by connecting with you through High Sense Perception.  HSP   If you don’t find something here that fit’s your need let me know and we will create a plan of healing care together to bring you back into balance.  The possibilities are endless with energy and crystals.

Amazonite Crystal Healing Layout – The stone of truth, communication, and harmony. Amazonite brings balance to the Heart and Throat Chakras.  It is helpful in cell regeneration and healing after any trauma or injury endured.  Some of the benefits you will receive are:  Communicating thoughts and feelings in a clear, calm, and concise manner, hearing the other persons point of view, setting appropriate boundaries through communication thereby  setting limits on what your experiences may be,  overcoming fear or confrontation in conflict, self examination, and empowering you to manifest and fulfill your innermost desires.

Amethyst Crystal Healing Layout – The stone of protection, purification, Divine connection, and release of addictions.  Amethyst brings balance to the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras.  If you are feeling emotionally beaten down or unable to breakthrough from circumstances or addictive behaviors in your life then this is the layout for you!  Amethyst gets to the root causes of life’s experiences and gives you access to understanding and comprehending these experiences so you can move forward.  It is also an excellent stone for the relief of migraines.  Some of the other benefits you will receive are:  Bringing balance to the mind and your thought patterns, overcoming addiction by counteracting the effects on brain function, imparting peaceful and euphoric feelings, overcoming disassociation and victim mentality, eliminating emotional knee-jerk reactions in communicating one’s thoughts and instead elevates your thoughts to higher levels of consciousness, and open to spiritual direction and intuitive guidance.

Carnelian Crystal Healing Layout – The stone of courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, and action.  Carnelian brings balance to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras.  If you need some forward movement in your relationships, life’s work, or  re-cooperating from grief or loss Carnelian is bursting with courage, confidence, creativity and assertiveness!!  Who doesn’t need this??  Other benefits you may receive are:  blasting through procrastination, physical vitality, setting goals and achieving them, overcoming fear of doing the wrong thing, embracing change.  This stone transformed my daughters life.  She was having difficulty with confidence in everything.  She tried to make herself invisible so no one would approach her.  I bought her a carnelian pendant to wear everyday and tumbled stones to place in her pockets and put under her pillow at night.  The personal growth she went through was astounding.

Chrysoprase Crystal Healing Layout – The stone of growth, compassion, connection with nature and forgiveness.  Chrysoprase brings balance to the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras.   This is an excellent prosperity stone and a powerful Love attractor.  If you have had relationships that didn’t end well, this stone is absolutely incredible for eliminating bitterness and disappointment.  It helps to release us from fear based emotions regarding love, it breaks the cycle of abuse, and heals you if you’ve suffered from it.  It guides you inward to identify patterns and habits that aren’t healthy.  It feels like a wave coming in as all the emotions rise to the surface and then it tumbles them right out to be transmuted into love.  Get your tissues cause the emotions may be intense during the clearing process but with the expansion the sweetest love comes in and swirls through you and around you and honestly you might be in disbelief that YOU could feel so loved by Source Energy but you are!   After working with this stone you will embody worthiness.   I focused mainly on the Heart Chakra healing in this example but Chrysoprase is also incredible at breaking down negative beliefs or undeserving beliefs about money.  It brings you to a place of recognition that we are all connected to the love and abundance of Source Energy and therefore able to live life joyously, abundantly, and prosperously.  Flip the switch on that belief and watch your life turn around!

Ocean Jasper Crystal Healing Layout– The Stone of enjoyment of life, release of negativity and stress, promotes relaxation, positive self expression, physical and emotional healing.  Ocean Jasper brings balance to the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras.  It’s interesting that when you think of the ocean and the feelings that are associated with it that this beautiful jasper encompasses all of it.  Long ago people were sent off to sanatoriums by the sea to recover.  That is due to the expansive amount of negative ions in the air from the natural setting due to the abundance of the 4 elements Earth, Air, Wind, and Water.  People just healed faster because of the location!  The vibrational frequency of this stone stimulates the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra’s.  In doing so it creates momentum to feel, speak and act more positively.  It brings your consciousness to the present moment.  By remaining in the present moment one is released from focusing on shame, blame, or unforgiveness of the past.  If you are one who uses escapism to relieve stress, Ocean Jasper will guide you to a higher understanding of the peace that comes from living in the NOW.  If you suffer from depression this beauty gently guides your mind and emotions to see the beauty around you, the blessings, the many positives that are often buried under depression.  Your focus and intent will no longer be on the negative aspects.  It centers your emotional state so that you don’t overreact.  This stone has amplified ripples of positive energy that manifest in the body on a cellular level.  It regenerates tissue, heals organs and balances the glandular system.

Activating the Five High Bodies Through the Rays of Light with Crystalline Frequencies –

The High Mind: To achieve a state of awareness that maintains neutrality and is able to witness energy without judgement. (A goal for all healers and human kind alike.) The purpose of the layout is to infuse greater awareness at the High Mind with the Magenta Ray, anchor it into your chakra system and breakthrough old mental patterning.  Crystals used in this layout are Kyanite, Garnet, Azurite, Icelandic Spar Rhomboid Calcite, and Black Tourmaline.

The High Heart: To achieve a state of balance and harmony by honoring both our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects. The purpose of the layout is to balance and unite feminine and masculine polarities at the High Heart with the Blue and White Ray for the feminine aspect and the fiery Red and Orange Ray for the masculine aspect.  Crystals used in this body layout are Rose Quartz, Sun Stone, and Moonstone.

The High Physical Body: To achieve increased physical and emotional immunity and open the gateway to remembering your gifts of the 6th sense, develop greater will power, release stress, and become energized. The primary color in this layout is The Chartreuse Ray but ties in the color rays of the High Mind and High Heart to anchor this Ray into the physical body.

Eyes in the Knees: To achieve inspired, accelerated spiritual growth. To know where we have been, what was learned from personal experience, and how to incorporate lessons from the past into progression of the future. Steps in advancement can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature. The color of crystals for E/K is the Brown-Red Earth Ray.

Eyes in the Feet: To achieve and develop Soul level understanding of our individual destiny as we learn to channel Gaia’s energy through our feet. Great strength and balance occur when you walk upon the earth and claim your rightful place. It is nurturing to receive “mama” love with your feet and give and receive directly to and from her. Working with the stones that stimulate the Eyes in the feet is a wonderful way to create a personal relationship with this planet that supports and provides all life. The crystals used in E/F are the separate but complimentary blending of white and black. The Alpha and Omega. The beautifully complimentary blending of opposites.