My introduction into the elemental kingdom of rocks, minerals and CRYSTAL’s

My family loves nature. We were always outside as kids playing in creeks, skipping rocks, stopping on country roads to dig up wildflowers or the occasional bush or tree. We would haul heavy rocks to the car to take home to build a patio or rock garden with my dad. I was intoxicated by the sights, smells, and sounds. I would crumble crackers to watch ants carry them off home. Take shifts with my sisters to stay up all night to nurse baby birds or other wildlife back to health.
I can remember one of my favorite gifts my dad brought back to me from a Florida trip. It was a plastic paperweight with a spiral pen holder that had a beautiful shiny gold plated pen in it. But that wasn’t what I was drawn to…it was what was inside. Within the globe was liquid with natural seahorses, seashells, and bits of colorful glittery, sparkly rocks and minerals. I would gently shake it and watch the seahorses sway and all the colorful shells and glittery rocks swirls around. The different shapes of the seashells always intrigued me. That was the beginning of my connection to sacred geometry, and the beauty of crystals and minerals. I see it everywhere now that I am aware. Gorgeous, repeating patterns of Metatron’s cube and the flower of life in spider webs, flowers, nautilus shells, and in crystals.
Going to Mammoth Cave National Park on a first grade field trip turned my little world into one of utter amazement. Seeing the stalactites and stalagmites in all stages of their growth made me buzzy and giddy and full of excitement. I wondered what else was beneath the earth’s surface? Which of course lead this Aquarian to dig holes in her father’s perfectly manicured yard.

Now as a mom we build fairy gardens as a family search for beach glass and heart shaped stones or any with a sparkle to them. My daughters and I hike, explore trails and marvel at rock formations.
Back in the 80’s I began to make jewelry. I made necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I repurposed my outdated plastic or glass beaded jewelry or bought it in garage sales or on the sales racks. I would take it apart and begin to create.  Then my life changed.  I went to a bead store in Atlanta Georgia where I was living at the time and there they had natural stones. As I ran my fingers over them little energy bursts would go through me like shockwaves. I was curious about this and that began my journey with crystals and their healing power.
Crystals are my love. They’re on me. They are in me…yep I drink gem elixer’s AND we are crystalline in nature. I have them in every room of my home. Crystals in grid formations are on tables, nightstands, and dressers. I place crystals on either sides of the doors and on the window sills. I sleep with them, drive with them, and carry them in my purse.  They are outside in my gardens. I have them under the foundation of my house and they surround my property. I work with them to heal myself, my pets, and others. My meditations are enhanced and more meaningful. Release work of past hurts, trauma, and old belief systems happen with less resistance and transmute into love more quickly.  I would like to share that love and incredible energy with all of you by inviting you to experience a Crystal Healing with me.